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Dr John/Young David Tennant Mood Theme 
12th-May-2009 12:39 am
DT -- with mug -- brendan

Oops, forgot to post this here in my creative journal...

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Full Preview [not dial-up friendly] | ZIP file [pics + adminconsolecodes.txt] | Installation instructions by crackified

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[ N O T E S : ]
So, on a whim I decided to make a mood theme for martha_dr_john and this is what I came up with. Obviously the character of Dr John [from the Love in the 21st Century David episode Tennant starred in] doesn't have a lot of screen-time, so to make the theme I had to get a bit creative and stretch the parameters of the 105 pics used to encapsulate what I personally think of as Dr John-era Tennant [1999-2001 or so]. Still, I think things came out quite well.

I'm not sure if anyone else would be interested in this theme for their own journal, but I thought that I'd post it publicly just in the event anyone was.

Obviously, it can be thought of a just a 'Young David Tennant' mood theme as much as 'Dr John' one as well if you'd prefer. :)

This is my very first mood theme, so I hope that you all like it. I'd love to hear any feedback on it. Oh, and I hope to make a John/Martha one sometime in the future as well -- we'll see.

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